This website is best viewed using https.Here is the link: .The Paris Agreement after the G20 meeting is completed is replaced by the UN Agreement that replaces it.The United Nations Climate Agreement Vote I authorize the use of The Leadermaster's Futuregraphy Of Earth for Ice overlay via coders so contact me at .This is part of subproject .The requirement of humanity and all life we are responsible for fresh water of earth is equal the fresh water of earth and the ice of earth.The requirement of humanity and all life that we are responsible for the ice of space and the fresh water of space. , , . The text of the past Paris France Agreement is found here: , from , , .The requirement of ice age of the past of our evolution and the present of our evolution our instincts were not the same as they are now our about ice upon earth and in space.We are missing a time period that we did not notice missing but we do now.The earth is missing the time period i.e. The Best Space Age United Nations Climate Agreement.The Time periods are first to be corrected and the temperatures are second to be corrected because the accuracy of wealth can not be established without within the prior named agreement.The accuracy of temperature is by new climate sensors upon Earth.Contact me regarding these sensors if you choose to.I am building an intel 3d cube of the old Paris Agreement here on this webpage of this webpage.If the time periods are correct in the the agreement included in the agreement and the word ice is included in the agreement I will remove it and replace it with the Best Space Age United Nations Earth Climate Agreement.To do this the Best Space Age United Nations Earth Climate Agreement must retain it page by page format and as an entire document format.This entire document must be in electronic format with real time input.Done. , .Permafrost is this; .Frost is this; .Perma is this; .Notice;perma-, a prefix indicating a relatively permanent condition, e.g. permafrost .Geology is this; .This is Climatology; .This is Climate; .The word permafrost is not a correct word to use for Earth.Notice;In geology, "permafrost is ground" .Geology is using wrongly the word permafrost because it is a Climatology word.The correct thought is the word that correctly describes permanently frozen ground.Perma and ground can combine to form Permaground.A Climate word is necessary between Perma and ground.The word is this;permacryoground. . . . That ancient Greek did not be uncertain which word was the origin by them ice or frost.Only one was.I note that I have replaced the word permafrost with the word permacryoground.I shall submit this to Wikipedia.If accepted a new word will be able to be used within The United Nations Climate Agreement.We The United Nations of Earth use the word permacryoground in the United Nations Climate Agreement and all UN documents from this vote result forward.The vote result is yes.Permacryoground note Permafrost.Permacryoregolith also but for space.A glacier is ice.The word Permacryoglacier I use.Here is a glacier: . Though the past is important to us melting glaciers exposing our past is not the way to do it .Not melting them and accepting that Ice is a place where we ceased life upon earth and we did not have a burial other than ice of our own causation and thus acceptance of ice as a burial place.I suggest you treat glaciers not as safe places any longer because you need to be bury yourselves not in the ice but the ground.This group of nations 10 in number members and these ten nations have ice or do not have ice naturally and they participate in the United Nations Climate Agreement.The exact text is based upon one simple concept that is wrote by all nations and is voted upon by all nations. device TH060 minimum temperature is -40 degrees celcius If entered -41 degrees celcius The false message on the video results in -39 degrees celcius not -40 degrees celcius falsly.Correct it.ASAP. data transfer not download for all data devices.."HTRec , HT16x Record File(.HTRec).HT16x Record File (*.HTRec) .Temperature and humidity data logger model TH0160 Perfect Prime.PCE Americas model PDE-HT71N temperature and data logger.C:\Program Files (x86)\HT16x\HT16x Communication Tool\DAT then (*.HTRec) but download from device doesn't occur in Windows 10 64 bit.Solution unknown.Not allowed to input this to the web via file websites"*This is a direct quote from*.HTRec&oldid=794611218 by Leadermaster.*I perform this search using the latest IE browser on Windows 10 latest version "Sample of .HTRec file" and there is not one sample.All there is is one css website that at the end mentions html.If you have this file type that can be uploaded to the internet upload it as such so it can be found and uploaded.Good 'real' news is that the reason the .HTRec file did not download is because the there is file name that is prefilled with .HTRec that appears highlighted just as a copy and paste would be after the mouse was used to highlight text this being the hint to delete the this line and enter your own title then the information downloads to the computer and appears in the bottom section.Data.To continue with the real time input I do use the The Best Space Age United Nations Climate Agreement real time not the computer real time.The best decision I can decide is that the information can join the internet and the UN Climate Agreement by adding this information to this website prior to adding it to the UN website I am administrator of.The file type .HTRec that I am putting on this website and thus the internet for the first time can not be converted to other file types online yet but it is essential that it can be converted but now it is a file monopoly that should be a part of this Wikipedia article: This means that it is hopefully readable by all not few.Here is the file:The Best Space Age United Nations Climate Agreement.HTRec.I think you have seen what the internet has if you copied and pasted this as a search.I have this file.Though difficult I must ensure that I have so here it is.The Best United Nations Climate Agreement must be voted on by the UN full council and the vote is this:The Best United Nations Space Age Climate Agreement must exist before all trade agreements negotiations can occur thus a freeze of all trade trade agreements for all nations exist until the result of this vote is final.The Best United Nations Space Age Climate Agreement must exist before all trade agreements results.Factually the United Nations has the ice nations organized as a The United Nations Ice Council.Each nation votes as each one though together as a council.The vote result of the full council in absentia of me the Leadermaster that vote yes is that The Best Space Age United Nations Climate Agreement must by democratic vote of the United Nations before all continental trade agreements can not be changed and no other trade agreements can be changed.The environment specifically The Best United Nations Space Age Climate Agreement.Here is North American Free Trade Agreement link: .Here is a link to the text of NAFTA: is the link to the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation supplement .One of two supplements of NAFTA : .Here is the text for this address must be are some related links: , , , .Not a secure link but I did e-mail the webmaster asking to be notified when secured.HTTP to HTTPS.This website may display as having in secure content because of this temporarily.I archived the first Intel 3D Photo Cube here is the link: ,here is the link: learned that these two new prefixes ws:// and wss:// that replace http;// and https:// prefixes.Here are some links: , , .This website is  insecure and wss://  secure. I am the administrator of this website: , which is wss:// am also the administrator of this website: , which is wss:// is the link to Wikipedia for web Web television:  ,which is  wss:/ ,Here are the addresses for which should be which should be and a link and Web TV The United Nations Live & On Demand: should be https://"// and a link.Here is the link to security of the UN ,here is the link for all security events of the UN; . The international day of elimination of finite fuel use and  most importantly the international day of ice.Here is the link for this website ,which is ws:// link on this webpage ,and  and have both have wss.// prefix replacing https://  prefix.The java control panel must have ws:// and wss:// in security settings ASAP.I maintain my belief  that the climate agreement must exist prior to all trade agreements upon earth with their new prefixes.This is the main website address of The United Nations : , is by the vote of the entire UN members wss://www.un .org/.I noticed that this website that contains the old Paris France Agreement is found here:  and the old North American Free Trade Agreement is found here: American Free Trade Agreement (copy and paste).This website that contains these old documents I have tried to compare the html of this website in the cloud and online using the same comparison online website(s) and I can not because the html in the cloud and the online  are the same.Yet I changed the html using UN as text for one of the two and UNUN for the second yet both were the same not comparable in the cloud and online.This means that these old documents also can not be compared when not separated  by the UN so therefore vote is that all UN documents and the UN website can be comparable in the cloud and online for all  html.(UN html comparison).wss:// next.I added a Java script to inform me of traffic etc. by Quantcast.I wait to receive confirmation I coded correctly and will notify.I will wait for traffic information etc.after confirmation. .This is the basics of the trade of the continents of Earth: , , , This is the basics of the environment of the continents of  Earth: .I offer this insite, The trade of Earth origin is from the Environment of Earth and because of this fact of life The Best Space Age United Nations Climate Agreement must be recognized in all trade agreements in the first line of them upon Earth now.I will put the information online when ready.Importantly I fail at Cpanel security setting for java control panel so both  that are the same for the intel3dphotocube found on the bottom of both websites to be visible on the index.html of Cpanel file manager not source code.If you know e-mail me.It is a https url(s) .The weather events that occur that are predicted to effect land by tracking the require local evacuation(s) must become UN evacuation paths by vote of the UN.This website is moving to a new server that changes that is in any way connected to because I purchased hosting.This last bit of information may make it to the new server but if it doesn't don't worry this html has been transferred already.The hosting tansfer is complete.The climate of Earth water and ice are being altered by this:Today the mass instinction that almost killed all life upon earth was found by earth scientists as the exploding volcanoes of earth released to much nickel into the atmosphere and to much carbon dioxide the deaths of life that created finite fuel just as they were finite until the earth developed as it is. , .The solution to the excessive plastic and microplastic in the waters of Earth that are adversley effecting the aqautic life and therfore our food source that we need from the waters of Earth is the equivalent of the carbon tax(es) a plastic(s) tax(s)but also a plastic(s) deposit to use with must be returned for refund or a fine with the comprehension that plastic(s) are manufactured from finite carbon supply as I previously described and  that the UN can do this. website is being restored.Godspeed Leadermaster.Here is my signature:C:\Users\Murray\Pictures\leadermaster signature.jpg .Here are two new links: , .  .Important! Read this post because it is about this website: .Here is the latest climate information of the U.S.A.: .I notice that the time period of the Century is used.The Century a measure of one hundred years is not the correct measure of time.The correct measure is the time left of finite fuels is 2052AD.From the time of this U.S.A. environment report.You may use 2019 and every year by time.2052-2019 equals 33 years.This is less than a Century because 100-33 is 67 years or 6 decades and 7 years. . .

See this link: .

"Try it and buy it from the 'Bot' " at website and here is the link .Here is the latest link from : .The UN security council has reached a conclusion about the nations that claim the North Pole and the offer of the Nation Of Canada to the United Nations to protect the North Pole and it has been accepted.

Here is latest news regarding ice on earth specifically glaciers: .

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